DOI: 10.38025/ 2078–1962–2020–98–4–135–143


Condemi V., Gestro M., Solimene U.


This chapter reviews current knowledge about the health effects of several environmental conditions on home fuel poverty, including physiological and epidemiological aspects of cold and heat related illness, and epidemiological studies on excess morbidity and mortality. the inadequate home concept has been addressed with further contributions that have on mental health, asthma (dampness and mould), noise, CO poisoning and lung cancer for radon exposure. Measures for reducing cold and heat related mortality and morbidity related to poor energy housing include appropriate urban planning and housing design. this contributes confirm that poor housing quality is a significant public health issue. However, to realize a large health potential associated with adequate, safe and healthy homes, joint action on health and nonhealth sectors is required. the development of specific guidelines for general and healthcare practitioners to better manage information on patients living in bad situations of fuel poverty is desirable.

Ключевые слова: fuel poverty; indoor environments; public health; risk factors, bioclimatology; vulnerability; preventive medicine; healthcare practitioners

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