DOI: 10.38025/ 2078–1962–2020–98–4–114-123


Lo Ying, Lobanov A.A., Andronov S.V., Zaitsev A.R., Kochetkova V.M., Fesyun A.D., Zharkov A.I., Fedotova M.Yu., Parfenov A.A., Kalmykov G.А., Bogdanova E.N., Sidorov V.V., Poskotinova L.V., Yakovlev M.Yu., Rachin A.P., Voronenko A.G.


The treatment of mineral water with silver allows to significantly extend its shelf life without deteriorating its organoleptic properties, which makes it possible to use mineral water away from the natural deposit and is critical for business and the end consumer. However, possible changes in the physiological properties of mineral waters when treated with silver have not been studied until now. We have carried out a preclinical double-blind randomized placebo-controlled, experimental study, during which the effect of treatment with silver sulfate at a dose of 0.02 mg / liter (according to the EAEU tR 044–2017 regulation) of natural mineral water of sulphate-hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium (Russia, Stavropol territory, deposit “Slavyanovskaya”, well No. 69 bis) for cellular metabolism, microcirculation and micro-lymphocyte when applied externally to the area of the inner surface of the forearm. A comparison of the effect on cell metabolism and microcirculation has been made for applications with native mineral water “Slavyanovskaya”, “Slavyanovskaya, enriched with silver sulfate” and placebo (tap water) after 30 minutes and after 24 hours. Number of patients: 15. Number of studies by location: 45. the results were monitored using the LAZMA St device. the study carried out simultaneous registration of diagnostic parameters of blood microcirculation, lymph microcirculation, as well as fluorescence amplitudes of coenzymes participating in oxidative metabolism - reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH) and oxidized flavin adenine dinucleotide (FAD). It was revealed that the mineral water “Slavyanovskaya enriched with silver” differs in its physiological effect on cellular metabolism, microcirculation and micro-lymph flow from the physiological effect of the mineral water “Slavyanovskaya”, namely that, compared to “Slavyanovskaya”, the mineral water “Slavyanovskaya enriched with silver” has a more pronounced positive effect on cellular metabolism, metabolic reserves of the cell, promotes the activation of microcirculation and micro-lymphatic flow. Mineral water “Slavyanovskaya, enriched with silver” has a longer effect on cellular metabolism, microcirculation and micro-lymphatic flow than mineral water “Slavyanovskaya”. A statistically significant positive effect of cell metabolism activation was detected both 30 minutes and 24 hours after exposure. Thus, this method of processing mineral water with silver sulfate not only does not decrease its positive physiological effect, but also improves it, prolonging its action, which makes further use of silver preparations in the processing of mineral water justified.

Ключевые слова: mineral water, spa treatment, prevention, cell metabolism, microcirculation, laser fluorimetry

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