Latest issue 6 (100) November 2020

Main topic: Interdisciplinary Problems of Medical Rehabilitation and Health-Resort Treatment

  • Features of Providing Psychological Assistance to Relatives of Patients in an Infectious Hospital when Working with COVID-19

  • New Tasks for Medical Robotics in Rehabilitation and Hospital Services in a Pandemic Time – New Solutions: a Concept Model of an Autonomous Multifunctional Robot «Helper»

  • Training of Respiratory Muscles in Motion in the Physical Rehabilitation of Patients with Chronic Cerebral Ischem

Editor-in Chef


Galina E. Ivanova

Professor, Dr. Sci. (Med.)

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University

Russia, Moscow

President of All-Russian Public Organization for Promoting the Development of Medical Rehabilitation «All-Russian Union Rehabilitators»,

Chief Specialist in Medical Rehabilitation of Ministry of Health of Russia,

Head of Medical and Social Rehabilitation after the Stroke Department,

Head of Medical Rehabilitation Department of “Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University” of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation


Interregional Fund for Assistance to Relatives of Stroke Patients
Russian Association for Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation of Patients and the Disabled